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La Baule : a connected anemometer for riders on the Casino beach

Before heading out into the bay, water sports fans can now instantly view all wind speed and direction information. The Casino beach spot, very popular with board sports enthusiasts, has an anemometer associated with a weather vane, installed by Veolia in partnership with Gowind. Behind this local start-up, 3 riders respectively craftsman, engineer and inventor, who had the idea of ​​developing connected and innovative objects to take advantage of their passion. Their application can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Play Store, or online https://veolia.gowind.fr.

ASSÉRAC. Sailing fans, they created Gowind, the start-up that measures the wind

Gowind is a young innovative company based in Assérac. It offers connected boxes, called FunGir, which display the data collected in real time: wind direction and force, tide ... These data, unlike other sources, are broadcast live and are never forecast, but very concrete: more than 1,500 anemometers provide precise information, 150 spots equipped with webcam, and as a bonus, a forum for wind enthusiasts.

Sailing fans and IT

These riders are fans of sailing: wind surfing, kite surfing, wings surfing ... fans like those who started Gowind. Pascal Daguin, wings surfer and computer scientist tells the story of the origin of this adventure: “with Julien LeLong, computer scientist and riders, and Igor Rimbaud, manufacturer of decorative weather vane and riders too, we first joined forces around a project associative Fun Camp to demo-cratize wind data, thanks to the installation of anemometers and the free distribution of their information.

Une partie de l'équipe de GoWind, la jeune start up qui lance un boitier connecté aux anémomètres, l’outil idéal pour les amoureux du vent

We had made these anemometers together, and developed a simple mobile application ”. Julien Lelong continues: "we quickly noticed that we were becoming addicted to phone data, we looked at it every 3 seconds ... I think we are too addicted to virtual, so together, we thought about it. to a small connected object, which would display the direction of the wind, its average and maximum strength, then we added options: water height, tide, currents, swell, etc.

In short, a seemingly simple tool for all riders, surfers and not just ... "

Not only for surfers

Indeed, the small box already seduces tourist offices, campsites or nautical bases. Pascal observes, “the data about the force of the wind are of interest to various professionals, both for leisure matters, such as ULM or para-slope, and for safety.

If there is a land wind, you have to be careful. The three riders from Pont Mahé, in Assérac, know this well. Julien continues: “The FunGir mobile is currently sold at a price of € 69, and the application is available on Gowind.fr or on PlayStore. Why the name of FunGir? Quite simply because of Gir as a weather vane. »

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