Gowind -Le vent en temps réel de ton spot

The Technology at the service of your sessions

You will never miss a session again !


What's this ?

Compact, take the FGM with you everywhere!

Keep an eye on the conditions in real time.

  • In the Kitchen
  • The living room
  • At your desk

With its elegant design in brushed stainless steel or aluminum and wood version, it naturally adapts to all environments.

It displays in real time the strength and direction of the wind in your spot. It also displays the downward, upward or constant trend... (configurable option).
The Fungir simply plugs into a USB port (mains, computer or powerbank).


We have made sure that the FunGir Mobile can be compatible with as many public anemometers as you can find on the Internet.

The Fungir is also compatible with the windsup anemometers network (more than 170 anemometers strategically installed on the spots) this compatibility is reserved exclusively for windsup subscribers :)

Test the compatibility of your Fungir with an anemometer according to your spot

Made in France

Handcrafted !

We are three board sports enthusiasts (funboard, kite, surf, paddle ...) and also a bit of a geek around the edges. Together we practice our loirirs on the spot of Pont-Mahé (Morbihan and Loire Atlantique) and its surroundings. We have combined our complementary skills to invent and build this connected object.

As we are also concerned about the environment (our playground), we were careful that the production was produced locally and as environmentally friendly as possible. We have selected a resistant and recyclable material such as stainless steel. Our packaging for delivery is made entirely of cardboard and paper without any plastic. Each FunGir Mobile is made in our workshop in Saint Avé (Vannes) and we take particular care at each stage of its manufacture.


We have the possibility of engraving your FunGir Mobiles to personalize it. For example with the name of your association, your sailing club, your hotel, your campsite ...

A minimum order of 20 units is necessary for customization because we are obliged to relaunch a specific production and additional time is necessary.